Feldberg Open for Winter Sports

Feldberg skiing

Feldberg is open for the 2013/4 season, albeit only one side of the resort, around Feldbergerhof. This is the less exciting part of the resort, but for a chance to try out your ski legs or to begin learning, it is perfect. The snow is pretty good, and with temperatures falling quite substantially over the next few days, the outlook for a long season in Feldberg looks promising.

The ski shops and schools are in business, but the catering facilities seem a little slower in offering service. Still, it is early days and the delight of being able to ski good snow with stunning views over the Alps and the Black Forest only a short drive from Basel is irresistible. I suspect that the Fahl area will open up at the weekends, possibly not until later in the month, before the resort is in full swing for the Christmas period.

For people who don’t ski but enjoy a seasonal walk in a winter wonderland, especially with those exceptional views, Feldberg can’t be beat. And there are even a few folk out ski-kiteboarding and out on cross-country skis.

Details on the resort are here and some footage of me skiing the resort on 4th December is on Youtube: Snow in Feldberg.

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