Spring Skiing

Snowboarder in the mountainsIt has been a beautiful warm Winter in the Alps for most of the season. Sadly not ideal conditions for skiers and snowboarders. With Spring approaching however, Winter is about to make a come-back.

Fresh snow and lower temperatures make for a promising late season. Most resorts have stayed open, many hoping for better conditions for a late Easter, and their wishes may be coming true.

France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy all look good. Off-piste is probably mostly shot, although there is always something to find if you are prepared to look for it and go high enough. Resort runs are going to be bare or icy or both, but generally piste conditions have held up surprisingly well this season.

I would still recommend a high resort like Zermatt, but there are loads or good resorts to choose from. The 2013/14 season still has plenty of mileage!

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