I first skied Scotland as a teenager, and had skied all over Europe before I finally got to ski in Switzerland. Why? Well I had the impression that skiing in Switzerland was expensive and the resorts were dull. Now, after living in Switzerland for a few years and having skied dozens of resorts here, I’d like to share my experiences and demonstrate that skiing in Switzerland need not be expensive and that the resorts can be as lively as anywhere (and frequently more charming than almost anywhere). Apart from knowing the slopes in Switzerland better than anywhere else, there is one other good reason for me focussing on the country for skiing, snowboarding and other winter pursuits – and that is the outstanding public transport infrastructure. This makes Switzerland perfect for skiers and snowboarders who want to take day trips from Swiss cities, weekend trips from other parts of Europe and week (or longer) holidays that enable you to sample a variety of different mountains and resorts.

As well as this blog, I maintain directories on skiing and snowboarding at my Swiss Winter Sports Resorts and Snow and Rail web sites.

To contact me, you can simply google Nic Oatridge or nicoatridge to find me on facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and various other places. You can also contact me via the contact form or directly with my userid nicoatridge at gmail.

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  1. In our magazine ‘Ons’ we publish an article on Sargans. On your site I see some beautiful pictures of this site.
    Is it possible that I publish your pictures in our article?
    Thank you very much in advance for your reply.
    Your truly,
    Madelon Mouw

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