How to Pronounce Swiss Place Names

Today 20Minuten features a map from Dee-dee, on the same basis as one for Germany in a blog by Harald Havas. Designed for English-speakers, it provides a phoenetic guide to pronouncing both the cantonal name and the name of the capital of the canton, in each case in the language of the canton.

So Fribourg is “Free Boer” or “Fry book”. Luzern is “Loot CERN”, the Grisons is “Grow Burn Den”, with a capital of “Cooer”.

For avid skiers and snowboarders, this is one very useful map to demonstrate that your prowess on the slopes matches your knowledge of the Swiss Cantons, and how to pronounce their names. The other map to have, of course, is the one at the Swiss Winter Sports web site!

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