Winter Olympics ski injuries

Watching Sochi and all those talented athletes tumbling on snow and ice reminds me of how their dedication must be matched in equal measure by sheer guts. So it was with interest I read an article about the injuries that winter sports athletes get.

The article quotes Lucy Macdonald, physio at Octopus Clinic Physio (which has worked with Team GB’s ski team), who says that the most common injuries for freestyle skiers are:

  • Nasty pelvic fractures from performing stunts and riding rails
  • Ligament damage in the knees, as well as damage to the meniscus and cartilage.
  • Labral tear and cartilage damage in the hips – Apparently most activities only require the hips to move backward and forward, whilst skiing demands that the hips follow lateral outward motions.
  • Shoulder fractures and tears from landing and stretching injuries.
  • Traumatic injuries as well as wear and tear of the back.

So be careful next time you’re in the park and you fancy trying out a little slopestyle!

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