Celebrity Skiers

This is hardly news, and I found it in an old copy of the Daily Telegraph (who quote the Daily Mirror for some of the details), but it seems the Prince of Wales is not the only well-known habitué of Klosters. The current Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Nick Clegg, apparently has a family connection to the resort.

Nick Clegg on ski holiday
Nick Clegg on ski holiday

The Clegg family own a lakeside villa (reputedly worth around GBP 7,000,000) a 15-minute drive from Klosters. It was built by Clegg’s Dutch maternal grandfather, who became a Swiss citizen.

It seems Clegg had previously worked as a ski instructor for a season and was spotted by the paparazzi in April enjoying the Klosters pistes with his wife, Miriam. Unfortunately nearly all the coverage concentrates on the apparent contradiction of the deputy leader of an ailing nation living the life of luxury.

The Daily Mail confirms that the lake in question is Davosersee (Lake Davos) and I suspect Clegg had hacked across the Parsenn using the nearby Davos Dorf funicular railway if he was seen in Klosters. The Daily Mail also notes that he has also been seen skiing the Jakobshorn.

Let’s hope he learnt a few tips from how the Swiss run things for the benefit of his fellow Brits! And for all those who think this is how the other half live, a ski holiday in Switzerland can be as cost-effective as that anywhere else, and you can leave a much smaller ecological footprint. Check out our sister site at www.swisswintersports.co.uk for how.

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