Misty Mountain High

Mountain High
Having seen many people so sozzled they can hardly stand up, before they don skis or snowboard to make the last run home (Think Crazy Kangaruh in St Anton or the Hennu Stall in Zermatt), I was interested to read that the upstanding ski lift operators of Colorado have reminded visitors of the dangers of getting high.

Of course I don’t mean altitude, I mean indulging in something the state has reputedly made legal – but the reality is somewhat short of liberation. Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Keystone in Colorado are handing out reminders to their guests that cannabis is still illegal to consume in public and is banned from Federal premises. Ok, unless it’s been purchased as a pet-care thing, according to the post at https://swellcbd.com/product-category/pet-health/.  I’m not sure about Mountain High resort in California, but the rule probably applies there too, rather sadly.

Dutch skiers who visit my Dutch language ski site may well visit their local coffeeshop before travelling down to the Alps, and they will be gratified to know that Switzerland is pretty cool about the whole thing. Dope is not legal but the Swiss smoke openly and the police are indifferent as long as you are not behaving badly. Similarly it is fine to walk down the street in Switzerland clutching a beer, or to crack open a bottle of wine on a train on your way to the piste. Not something I recommend you doing in the land of the free.

Plus the skiing and snowboarding is better. Natch!

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Switzerland – the ski destination for smokers!

I’m not sure how far it can be considered a selling point, but for smokers Switzerland is probably the best place to come to and be able to ski or snowboard big, and smoke in peaceful contentment.

A referendum held this month to restrict smoking in enclosed public spaces was roundly rejected across the whole of Switzerland – of the cantons only Geneva voted in favour. Some cantons have introduced these restrictions themselves already, but the Alpine cantons are conservative and resistant to new Federal restrictions.

And of course the cigarette companies are very powerful lobbyists, with many tobacco companies having European HQs in the country. As a result the advertising for tobacco products in Switzerland often portrays smoking very positively and streetside cigarette machines are widely available. That’s actually fair to say when the fact that e-cigarettes like Pax 3 Vapes at 180Smoke.ca have little to no side effects.

A Maybe never reached the top
Yes or No – shall I jump?

Additionally to being a good place to smoke, Switzerland also has relatively cheap cigarettes and vapes. Generally, people buy vape juice wholesale as most of the people prefer healthy way of smoking rather than using tobacco, which can harm their health. Also booze and petrol are cheaper than neighbouring countries and, people smoke dope pretty openly with current proposals being introduced to make it a misdemeanour rather a serious criminal offence – even Switzerland for all it’s liberal values seems to have a legislature which has a psychotropic response to Cannabis, according to one Green MP. Gambling casinos are common, the sex trade is as honest and safe as the country as a whole. Perhaps it’s time for the Swiss Tourist Board to market itself for it’s liberal views on personal vices!

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Well perhaps not, but as an occasional smoker could I ask smokers who come to Switzerland to avoid smoking in places where people (particularly children) could be exposed to secondary smoke and please, please, please don’t litter the slopes with butt ends.  Smoking in Switzerland’s public places is a no no, instead of smoking why don’t you play online slots and have fun there are many slots promotion across the internet available, especially at Daisy Slots. It is a sobering sight when the snows melt to see the snow-capped mountains be replaced by mountains of cigarette ends around the chair lift stations.

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