How to add lyrics to your songs in iTunes

I have a script that works in iTunes on Windows to import (and export) lyrics. The lyrics are stored on a directory on your Windows machine, subdivided into subdirectories by letter of the first letter of the band. To allow for variations in case and spelling, the database stores the names of songs in a standardised form.

My database of songs now numbers about 16,000 and I was interested in finding out if there are other people out there who either think they would benefit from using my scripts and/or my database, or would be interested in making this into a project to build a useful tool for adding lyrics to songs and make a comprehensive database of song lyrics.

I have only one request, and that is that if you do use the software, could you zip the lyrics folders you create and send them back to me so I can improve the database for others?

If you are interested get in touch using this contact form.

And now for some caveats. I have no clue about the copyright implications of this exercise in your local juristiction, but here in Switzerland I am not breaking any laws. However, some lyrics may be wrong, and the selection of lyrics reflects my song tastes so you might not find some of your favourite artists represented in the current database. Although I can guarantee that the lyrics and scripts are all text files and consequently virus free, you use the software at your own risk. The scripts will fall over if you open any dialog boxes in iTunes while they are running (but obviously you can rerun them). The scripts are based on the work of other people and they deserve credit for their help.

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