I've got into High Dynamic Range photography recently. It's a technique for rendering pictures so that the detail of both bright and dark parts of an image are visible, detail that is usually beyond the capability of digital cameras to capture. However by taking several pictures of the same image at different exposure levels you can capture detail across a higher range. There are lots of cool and whacky things you can do with HDR, but for me it is like a digital Kodachrome. And of course there are limitations - your subject has to stay still. Here are some of my pictures - click on one to see a larger version, contact me if you want to use the pictures.
310306824_90c6195f58_b.jpg (360247 bytes)    Lower Manhattan 306132150_9ffe91afae_o.jpg (103186 bytes)    Hoboken Railhead
306132155_bd0c0b7675_o.jpg (112864 bytes)    Old Plymouth 306132152_f8da33faf6_o.jpg (109137 bytes)    Morris 1000
310306818_1598358343_b.jpg (339691 bytes)    Manhattan at night 312312948_5992f1dc05_b.jpg (327459 bytes)    Manhattan at dawn
306113595_364bea2d04_o.jpg (94093 bytes)    Freddie




306132151_27efe3b7dd_o.jpg (81001 bytes)    Hoboken Public Library