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Not sure what brought you to this page, but from the sidebar you can select any one of a number of topics which reflect my interests and experiences.

The winter sports site developed out of a blog I maintain on skiing in Switzerland and is based on my visits to around 100 winter sports resorts in the country. There is also a link here to a pamphlet written by my mother on her home village of Burghead in Scotland, and you can contact her to get a fully illustrated, saddle-stitched paper copy. You will also find around the site many pictures I've taken - if you want to reproduce any please ask me first, normally all I require is that you acknowledge my rights as the photographer but I generally don't turn down people who want to pay me. You might also have hit my site to find out more about cancer and my own experiences, so I hope the information and links I provide are useful to you. Let me know!

There has been an Oatridge web site around since 1994. Initially it was hosted by the BBC Networking Club, but they handed over their service provision to their own ISP, Pipex. Pipex was the first UK company to start offering Internet connectivity to the public and established a strong, now faded, reputation. From 2010 we were hosted by the excellent Evohosting, but sadly - as the hosting world continues to consolidate - that company was acquired and the service quality declined. This web site has pages that are largely constructed to the prevailing design and coding standards of the time they were written. Admittedly I have tarted them up a bit and in some cases totally reworked them, so I find it an interesting lesson in how the web has evolved looking back at older pages to see what was then the state of the art in the virtual world. This page, for example, dates back to circa 2000 in terms of design and uses tables extensively and very limited css to hold the content together; initially I used this design for the original web site of the Oesophageal Patients Association. About the oldest page in more or less its original form is probably my cancer diary, from 1995. I also lay claim to what I believe was one of first blogs, "Moan of the Month", which I took down when I ran out of things to complain about sometime in the last century. I now count my blessings.

Family Picture

If you are interested in the family history of the Oatridge surname please visit Brian Otridge's web site. Being a relatively rare family name Brian has been able to trace the relationships of virtually everyone with this surname or one of it's variations. The surname originated in Wiltshire, England, and over the generations it slowly spread to nearby counties. Now the Oatridge diaspora is found in countries all over the world, of which England, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Scotland, Germany, USA, the Netherlands and Switzerland I too have lived in. Here is a good site for researching geneaology.

If you want to get in touch, the best way is to search for Oatridge family members by name on social networking sites like facebook, flickr or LinkedIn - I normally use the monicker "nicoatridge". There is also a "Contact Us" link on the sidebar which you can use to send me a message.

Advertising pay for this site, so please feel free to click on any ads of interest to you, safe in the knowledge that you are keeping my kids fed and my wife living in the style she has become accustomed to.