Nic & Nadia Oatridge
Married 24th Sept 2005
Edgewater, NJ

Lulu, Nadia, Nic and Lily (34326 bytes)

Lulu, Nadia, Nic and Lily


Wedding by Alice Oswald

From time to time our love is like a sail
and when the sail begins to alternate
from tack to tack, it's like a swallowtail
and when the swallow flies it's like a coat;
and if the coat is yours, it has a tear
like a wide mouth and when the mouth begins
to draw the wind, it's like a trumpeter
and when the trumpet blows, it blows like millions....
and this, my love, when millions come and go
beyond the need of us, is like a trick;
and when the trick begins, it's like a toe
tip-toeing on a rope, which is like luck;
and when the luck begins, it's like a wedding,
which is like love, which is like everything.

Wedding Group (49548 bytes)

Celebrant  - Mary Dougal
Bridesmaids - Lily & Lulu
Flemings, 90 The Promenade, Edgewater, NJ

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(c) Nic Oatridge 2006