Ski Playlist

This time last ski season I had made a couple of dozen ski trips, but none so far this season. Covid blossomed in the last days of the season before last, almost wiped out last season and looks like preventing many people from going this year. I’m still optimistic I will get some skiing, and the limiting factor is not so much getting to the slopes as domestic duties. Anyway, even if I’m not skiing, I can still write about it, and here’s a playlist to remind me of the white stuff:

  1. Riders on the Storm – The Doors
  2. Station to Station – David Bowie
  3. Extreme Ways – Moby
  4. Nantucket Sleighride – Mountain
  5. White Room – Cream
  6. Cold as Ice – Foreigner
  7. J’adore Hardcore – Scooter
  8. Misty Mountain Hop – Led Zeppelin
  9. Mountain Sound – Of Monsters and Men
  10. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
  11. Wipe Out – Surfaris
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