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Commiserations are in order:

As you are aware, Sunday [7/5/2006] could have been a momentous day for our Club and our fans -
Daniel Levy, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur FC, in a letter to the FA.

The best Arsenal line up ever?

Rice    Adams    O'Leary    Sansom

Ljunberg     Ozil      Pires
Bergkamp    Henry  

Subs: Wright, Keown, Sanchez, Brady, Jennings

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Tottenham fans have a long enmity towards their more fashionable foes in trendy Islington. It all kicked off in 1913 when Arsenal relocated to Islington from the more prosaic Woolwich base they had outgrown. That Islington was in London and Tottenham was then in Middlesex did nothing to diminish the ire of the Hotspurs faithful - they are now in the London Borough of Harringay (which you can be forgiven for never having heard of). The resentment at having local rivals was heightened when Tottenham failed in 1919 to get a coveted place in the First Division, then Englands's premier league, whilst Arsenal did. Some may argue about the legitimacy of the decision, or indeed a similar decision that went Spurs way a few years earlier, but, hey, it was a long time ago. Sometimes you have to move on.

Since then a number of Spurs players have made a successful journey across North London to the Arsenal, although no ex-Arsenal employees have prospered going the other direction - perhaps rooted in the seething resentment at Arsenal's greater success and more attractive footballing style. However most Spurs fans now seem reluctantly content to accept the Cockerel's place in the pecking order will likely be a little lower than the mighty Gunners for the forseeable future.


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