Swiss Minimum Wage Frightens Tour Operators

ski posterThe Daily Torygraph finds socialism even in enclaves of the wealthy, where the Swiss have decided that people working in Switzerland should comply with local Swiss labour laws – and that includes the minimum wage.

Parsimonious UK tour operators have baulked at paying so much as the minimum wage such that some have pulled out of letting chalets in the country altogether.

You can read all about it here.

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Vind je het leuk om te gaan skiën?

Well, if you understand that title, you probably would be interested to hear that our companion web site, Swiss Winter Sports, is now available in Dutch at I toyed with calling it the more vernacular “Zwitserse Wintersport”, but decided to stick with the same branding as far as possible.
ski en snowboard website
The site features both the NL suffix and Dutch language text. It also has road distances from the Netherlands and content on the top bar specifically targetted for Dutch winter sports enthusiasts. Some of the minor resorts on the English-language site have been dropped to keep a focus, as it is unlikely somebody planning a visit to Switzerland from Holland would be interested in a resort with just a couple of surface lifts. The site is a work in progress and the translations are largely machine-generated, so I would be interested in finding a native Dutch speaker to review the text for me. If you know of somebody, please get them to get in touch with me and quote a price.

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